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Need Our Help?

Simply call (717) 592-8087 and leave a message. One of our volunteers will get back to you about your service needs or to get scheduled for an upcoming spay/neuter surgery date.

Lost/Stray Cats

    While we do not re-home or rescue lost or stray cats, we will post pictures and additional contact information on our Facebook page: 'Derry Township Community Cats'. Send a digital picture and details (location found, area lost in, date of disappearance, etc.) to and we will post for you.

    If you are on Facebook, send the same information to The Hummelstown Sun, message their Facebook page or call them at

(717) 460-3803, and they will post a Bow-Wow BOLO for lost or found pets.

The Face Book pages:

'Find Toby in PA' and 'Hershey Area Cat lovers' are also resources. You can 'IM' each site for help in posting. 

   If the cat you're concerned about is friendly and you can handle it, consider taking it in a carry case to a local veterinarian, the Derry Township Police, or The Hummelstown Sun to scan for a possible microchip which could help find the cat's owner.

    This link, posted with permission from

Find Toby in PA/Face Book, has further steps to take to find a lost pet:

Outdoor Cats

   Derry Township residents can use the following services at no charge, and help reduce and control the outdoor cat population:

  •  Training and assistance with trapping cats


  • Full spay and neuter services


  •  Vaccinations (rabies and distemper) and any medical treatment needed for cats who have been trapped


  •  Post-surgical care for cats


  •  Return of outdoor cats to their colony




     If you do see community cats in your neighborhood and would like to have them TNRV'ed, you can begin a regular once a day feeding schedule, prepare an outdoor shelter, if you like, (see resources page)  and call us now to be put on the clinic schedule. Our trappers will teach you how to acclimate the cats to the traps and set them at the appropriate time. We will collect the cats, handle the surgery and recovery and return when ready for release.


       2023 clinics are on the second Wednesday of each month of 2023.


August 9


September  13      October 11


    November 8     December 13

Email or call us for TNR help and to be added

to our schedule. 



Our Services

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