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Feral Cats Derry Township

Who We Are

Derry Township Community Cats (DTCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing Trap/Neuter/Return/Vaccine (TNRV) services to humanely control the outdoor cat population in Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA.

DTCC celebrated the neuter of its 1,000th cat on

January 23, 2018. To date, we have TNRV'ed over 1,300 community cats. By humanely trapping free-roaming cats, neutering and vaccinating them, and returning them to their locations, TNR prevents proliferation of cats and allows colonies to gradually shrink. 

If you need help to spay/neuter and vaccinate your pet cat, please see our Resources page under Local resources.



 Our  2023 clinics are the second

Tuesday of each month.

March 14       April 11    May 9   June 13

July 11         August 8    September  12

October 10  November 14  December 12


Call us now and leave a message to be


put on our call-back list for


  2023 appointments. 


          Please use your cell phone 'Camera' application to scan this PayPal QR Code to donate to our group.


        Make  a check made out to 'DTCC' and mail to: DTCC,  PO Box 976, Hershey PA 17033


Stuff the Truck 

November Event

was a resounding Success!

Thanks to all who came out in November to Karns on Cherry Drive in Hershey to support our efforts!

We were able to restock our supplies and prepare for our 2023 season. 

We have TNR'ed over 65 cats and taken over 150 kittens off the streets in Derry township in 2022.

We  expect to do the same in 2023. We could not achieve our goal to control the community cat population without your continued support.


Click on this video to learn more about our work.

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