Who We Are

Derry Township Community Cats (DTCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) and vaccination services to humanely control the outdoor cat population in Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

DTCC celebrated the neuter of its 1,000th cat on

January 23, 2018. To date, we have TNR'ed over 1,200 community cats. By humanely trapping free-roaming cats, neutering and vaccinating them, and returning them to their locations, TNR prevents proliferation of cats and allows colonies to gradually shrink. 

DTCC  offers  a year round low cost spay/neuter services for Derry Township residents with inside, pet cats.  A minimal co-pay of $60 per cat (up to and including a limit of three cats in a family), is payable the day of surgery. Call our number below and leave a message for scheduling with a local veterinarian.

The 2020 season begins with a clinic in March. The time to spay and neuter any intact outdoor cats will be early spring before kitten season is upon us!   Call now to schedule  our help.

2020 Clinic Schedule will be the second Tuesday

of each month March to December.


                March 10          April  14                May 12     

                 June 9            July 14               August 11    

            September 8       October 13       November 10                                                     December 8


     Moving Forward in 2020

          It would be wonderful if we were ever able to actually finish ‘fixing’ all the community cats in Derry Township, but that will never happen.


 While the township covers 26 square miles, cats know no boundaries and wander to us. 


 In 2018 DTCC TNR’ed over 130 cats and while the number dropped to under 100 in 2019, we can never be sure what 2020 will bring. 


 Please review our web site for the details on the work we do, and how you can help.


  Your support makes a huge

difference in the care we can provide community cats and the township as a whole. Thank you

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Call us:



PO Box 976 

Hershey PA 17033